Leave Chronic Pain Behind

When you have a lot to accomplish, chronic pain can disrupt the quality of your life. With a personalized approach Last Stop 4 Pain can help you live vibrantly again and rediscover things you love to do.



I'm Ani

I‘m a medical massage therapist, nutritionist, lifestyle educator and because of my passion to help people get out of pain that I started Last Stop 4 Pain.

Pain Resolution Specialist    /    Nutritionist    /    Lifestyle Educator

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Don’t you deserve to live without pain and do all the activities you love to do?

I was surprised when results of my fitness saliva test recommended I increase my intake of carbohydrates before exercise. However, after 10 days of increasing my carbs I noticed major changes. I had an increase in my appetite, water consumption and even my muscle mass. My recovery time after exercise has decreased. This test can give insight to even a professional bodybuilder and I recommend this test to anyone seeking to improve their fitness.

Sam Martins


She was referred to help with a lower back, disk-herniation condition. Not only is Ani a brilliant practitioner, but her desire as a healer to be fully curative and restorative, leads her to performing research and product testing (on her own time) for her clients!Her education, training and experience make her a profound find for anyone seeking a new and healthy life. I have personally found her work to be transformative and I offer her the highest recommendation.

Jessica Parker


I had pain in my jaw and was having TMJ problems for quite some time and couldn’t open my mouth wide because it got locked and much cracking also clenching teeth oftenI saw Ani and in one session she helped me getting rid of the problem. No more clenching, cracking or locked jaw. It also help with tinnitus that diminished seriously to the point I don’t notice it anymore.

Paul Jones

ceo of the company

I offer

A Multifaceted Approach to Your Pain

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Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques

Functional Nutrition/Blood Chemistry Analysis

Genetic Testing to Personalize Your Health Plan

Organic Health Compounds

Education to Make Informed Decisions

Elevate Your Well-being:

Gain Access to Powerful Tools and Expertise for Optimal Health and Empowered Living

Follow These Steps to

Insure a Successful Outcome

step 1

Work with me one-on-one

Choose the service that meets your needs best. Pick in office or zoom one-on-one session.

step 2

Fill out the Intake Form before your appointment.

For nutritional consultations, if applicable, please email your test results to info@laststop4pain.com

step 3

Follow the suggestions given to you

Helping you achieve optimum health is a joint venture. Having you follow given exercises, dietary and lifestyle changes will help you achieve your health goals faster. 

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